How to Change Reddit Username & Display Name 2021

How to Change Reddit Username: Are you an internet geek? Then chances are you’ve heard about Reddit many times. Reddit is the sixth most popular website in the United States, according to Alexa, and the 18th most popular worldwide.

In this article, all your queries related to Reddit are being discussed like what is Subreddit, Can I change Reddit Username, What is Reddit display-name, etc.

What is Reddit?

Essentially, Reddit is a massive collection of forums where people can share news stuff and content or comment on other people’s posts.

Like many other websites Reddit is a platform where you can interact. It is a big online community and social networking website which is designed to have online discussions and Q and A sections.

It has become a daily newspaper for many people because you can get information about anything and everything on Reddit.

What is a Subreddit in Reddit?

A Subreddit on Reddit simply means a category of that topic. Let’s say if you want to read or discuss anything about Android or Windows or technology then you can join their respective Subreddits and meet or talk with like-minded people who also have a lot of knowledge in that particular fields.

What is a Reddit Displayname

Reddit display name is the name which is open to the viewers. You can change your display name but it will not make any changes in your username.

How to change Reddit display name

Changing a display name on Reddit is quite easy. If you’re on a desktop, just click on your profile in the upper right corner. Select User Settings, then click on Profile tab. Change your display name.

If you are on mobile web, click on three bars in the upper right corner, Settings >> User Settings >> Profile.

Can You Change Your Reddit Username

Your username has a great role in Reddit. Well, your username defines your identity and the way think, what you like, etc. Sometimes, you might be looking for queries like Can I change Reddit username?

Many times people always choose the wrong and inappropriate username and get into trouble changing it, but with Reddit, it isn’t the case because you are not allowed to Change Reddit Username.

Changing a name on Reddit is a big and tough topic. In fact, everyone is looking for ways to change Reddit username. But, there is an alternate way to set another username which is explained below.

How to Change Reddit Username

You can’t change your username on Reddit even if you have some issues on that account. But you can delete the Reddit account and can create a new one but you won’t able to get your username back.

Many people ask and go for Reddit helplines for how to change Reddit username. But once a username has been chosen it remains permanent because it is directly tied to verification details and social media accounts. It is more or less a measure to reduce cybercrime on the website.

The only possible way to get a new username is to create a new Reddit Account and choose a username of your choice.

Why Can’t You Change Your Reddit Username

As I already mention above and said there are a lot of reasons for this discussion and Reddit has officially said that it is not possible to change the username on Reddit and once the account is created you don’t get any access to change the username.

And if you delete your Reddit account you will lose all your data including access to your previous Reddit account and you won’t be able to create another account with the same username so even before thinking about deleting your account please make sure that you will not need it in future.

There are some basic reason why you can’t change your usernames.

  • To keep your account history and discussions live.

If you are active in any subreddit then they will start reading your post or comment if they see your username people will start recognizing. Even if you delete your Reddit account your posts and comments will remains and not get deleted and they will still be live on the posts and subreddit where you commented or added a post. This is the reason why Reddit does not allow you to change Reddit username.

  • To maintain community Standards

Reddit have millions of actives users and get over 1 billion pageviews per month. It is known as one of the top websites and also rank in Google search engines and is compared with facebook many a times. To keep the website clean and secure it allows only users to use only one username. Because if they get the chance to open multiple accounts they can abuse and can hide their identity. This is the reason why we don’t get access to change our username.

  • To stop misuse of Reddit Usernames.

When the users delete their account then the username is available for registration then anyone can register using that username and can misuse it and can abuse the community.


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