How to Change Facebook Password Without Old Password

Facebook might seem a silly time-waster, but there are people who have been using Facebook as a source for their online business. The user’s private account might be linked with the business page and not keeping it safe would lead to a huge business loss.

Whether you are a social media influencer or digital marketer running a business on Facebook Page or you just have a Facebook account as a normal user, it is always advisable to keep it secured so that you don’t get trapped in cyber-attack or online bullying.

If you think someone is spying on your Facebook password or trying to hack your Facebook account, then Facebook gives you the option to change your password anytime.

You can change your password on a daily basis too. There is no daily limit or you don’t have to wait for several days to change your password.

To keep your Facebook account safe, do regularly change your Facebook password and make sure to keep it strong. Always try to log-in in very few limited devices if possible. Logging in many devices may increase the possibility of exposure of your password.

Does your pc have malware or viruses? If yes, you must change your all social media account passwords soon.

There arises two cases while resetting a password – 1) With old password. 2) Without old password.

Both of the method are discussed below.

How to Change Facebook Password on Your Phone

This method works only if you remember the old password.

Step I: Go to Facebook and tap on the menu bar on the top-right corner.

Step II: Tap on Settings & Privacy and tap on Settings.

Step III: Tap on Security and Login.

Step IV: Tap on Change password.

Step V: Enter your current password on the first text box.
Enter your new password on the second text box.
Re-enter your new password on the third text box to confirm the new password.

Step VI: Tap on Update Password.

Your password will be changed successfully.

If you are using a web version of Facebook on your Mobile or PC, the procedure almost remains the same as in the application.

How to Change Facebook Password Without Old Password

This method doesn’t require your old password. Either your mobile number or Email linked to your FB account is needed to find your account and change the password.

Whenever you want to change the password, your old password is always required for security purposes. But what if you have forgotten your old password too? Don’t worry, there is a also solution to this.

This method will help you whenever you are logged out of your device and you want to login but you didn’t remember the password or you have forgotten your password.

Using Mobile Number

Step I: Go to the Facebook app or open Facebook on your browser.

Step II: Below the Log In button tap on Forgot Password.

Step III: Facebook will ask for your registered Phone number. Type your phone number and tap on Find Your Account. If you haven’t linked your phone number

Step IV: Facebook will send you a code that you can use to log in to access Facebook.
If you have saved your Email to Facebook you can receive the code from the email too. The choice is yours. Facebook will give you 2 options to receive the code:

1) Confirm via SMS: A code will be sent to your mobile number.
2) Confirm via Email: A code will be sent to your Gmail account.

Note: If your email is not saved on Facebook you will get your code via SMS only.
Select one option either confirm via SMS or Confirm via email and tap on Continue.

Step V: Enter the 6 digit code and tap on Continue.

Step VI: Enter the new password and tap on Save Changes.

Your password will be changed successfully.

Without Mobile Number or using an Email

  • After you tap on Forgot Password, click on Search by your email instead at the bottom.
  • Type your registered email address and tap on Find Your Account.
  • Next it will ask you to enter your password. Instead of password, clcik on Get Code.
  • On the next page, click on Continue. Make sure that Send code via Email is selected above.
  • You will receive an eight digit code in your email. Enter the code in the text box and tap on Continue.
  • If you didn’t receive the email, tap on Send Email Again.
  • After enterring the code, you will be taken to a next page where you’ll be asked to log out of other devices or keep logged in.
  • For security purpose, Log me out of other devices will be a better option. Select the option and click on Continue.
  • Type a new password and tap on Continue.

That’s it, you will now get your account back with a changed password.

Tips to make your password safe and strong

1) Keep it away from stranger’s eyes and never login to Facebook whenever surrounded by many peoples.

2) Keep changing your password regularly. Doing so won’t let other to log in to your account.

3) Use special symbols like @, %,*, # in your passwords as they won’t be easily cracked if someone tries to hack your account. You can also use upper case alphabets, lower case alphabets, digits, etc. to keep your Facebook password safe.

4) Do not download the corrupt files from unknown or non-trustworthy websites that might have viruses that may steal your data unknowingly.


I hope you got an idea on how to change Facebook Password. Changing your password frequently is always advisable to keep your account safe from hackers.

If you find this helpful, please do share it with your friends.

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