How to Activate Jio Missed Call Alert for Free

Are you not receiving any Jio Missed Call Alert on your mobile phone?

Well, in this blog post I am going to share with you the solution to the below-mentioned problems?

1. What is Jio Missed Call Alert?
2. Is Jio Missed Call Alert free?
3. How do I activate Jio Missed Call Alert?
4. Can I deactivate Jio Missed Call Alert?

I hope you are facing the same mentioned problems and you want a 100% working solution to this. So, let’s talk all about them. You can directly jump to any of the sections using the table of contents below.

What is Jio Missed Call Alert?

Jio Missed Call Alert is a specific feature offered by Jio which helps users to get notified about calls they received when their phone is switched off or when it is out of network coverage.

Let’s understand this using an example:

If A calls B, but B’s phone is switched off or the phone is out of network coverage, then B will not receive any call from A in that situation.

So, what Jio does is, it will send a Missed Call Alert to B’s phone when B’s phone is on or its network connection is working fine.

The message will be something like this: Dear Customer, You have a missed call from +91XXXXXXXXXX. The last missed call was at 08:20 AM on 25-August-2021. Thank you, Team Jio.

I hope now you are clear about what actually Jio Missed Call Alert is. This feature is very useful so that you do not miss any important calls that you receive during network issues or when switched off.

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Is Missed Call Alert Gree for JIO Customers?

The most important part is that Jio Missed Call Alert is completely free of cost. It does not charge any amount for this helpful feature.

Jio Missed Call Alert Activation Process (Prepaid Free)

There is no specific USSD code to activate Jio Missed Call Alert on your phone. This feature comes pre-activated in your Reliance Jio Sim when you purchase it for absolutely zero cost.

But what if you are not receiving any alerts?

Don’t worry, I have got a solution to this too. First of all, check if this feature is working on your phone or not to verify it.

For this, switch off your phone which has Jio Sim, and call the same Jio number from another mobile phone. You will not receive a call on your Jio number and it will say the number is not reachable or something similar to that.

Now switch on the phone again, if you get an alert saying “Dear Customer, You have a missed call from +91…………..”, then your Jio Missed Call Alert is working fine in your Jio Sim.

But if you don’t get any message, then the alert is disabled on your phone.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve your issue:

  1. First of all, check whether Call forwarding is active in your Sim or not. If this is active in your Sim, you will not receive any alert. To cancel all your call forwarding you have to dial *413 from your Jio Sim. Doing this may solve your issue of Jio Missed Call Alert.
  2. Even after deactivating Call Forwarding, you didn’t receive any alert, then check whether you have a Recharge in your Jio Sim or not. If not, then this may be the cause of the issue.
  3. If both of the steps don’t work for you, the only option left out is to call Customer Care. For this dial 198 from your Jio Sim and tell all your problems to him/her. They will definitely solve your issue and Jio Missed Call Alert will be activated in your Sim.

** There is no particular USSD code to enable this feature.

Deactivate the Missed Call Alert Services

There is no USSD code for this too. If you want to deactivate, you can just talk with Customer Care and they will find out the best solution for you.

But the recommendation is to keep the alert ON so that you don’t miss important calls.

Frequently Asked Questions by JIO Customers

How to check missed calls when my JIO number is OFF?

To check who called you while your JIO number was OFF, you need to activate missed call alert services on your JIO number. The process of activation is given above in the article.

Why am I not getting missed call alerts on my JIO number?

The missed call alert feature is pretty common nowadays and it comes pre-installed in most network providers. If for some reason you are not receiving missed call alert on your Jio number then simply follow the activation process given in this article and you will get your problem solved in a few minutes.

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