How Many Reports to Delete Instagram Account

You may have at some point reported an account on Instagram. You probably did so because you might have found the account to be fraudulent, offending, spreading misinformation, or due to any other such reasons.

It is natural to feel frustrated to see the account you reported active even days after your reporting.

You may wonder how many reports it takes to delete an Instagram account. In this article, we’ve explained everything you need to know about reporting an Instagram account and its effect on the account’s termination.  

How Many Reports Does It Take to Delete an Instagram Account

Instagram does not delete an account based on how many users reported about it. Instagram removes an account only when it violates its policies. The platform has many rules and regulations, and those accounts are punished by Instagram which regularly breaks them.

The number of complaints against an account is irrelevant. It does not matter how many people report against an account, Instagram will only delete an account if it has violated its policies. The policies are basic rules about what a user can do and share on the platform.

Accounts usually get deleted when they repeatedly break Instagram’s guidelines. If a user often breaks Instagram’s policies, it will get a warning notification. Instagram will remove the account if the user continues to break the policies. Note that Instagram has not revealed how many times a user needs to violate the policies to lose their account.

What Happens After You Report

When you report an account, it gets examined by the Instagram support team. If a report is genuine, Instagram will issue a warning to the account. It will also remove the content shared by the account that breaks the platform’s policy.

Getting a single warning from Instagram should not worry a user. An account usually gets several warnings before it gets terminated. However, if an account has shared content that is in serious disagreement with Instagram’s policies, it might get deleted without getting a second chance.

If lots of users report a certain account, it will get the attention of the Instagram team more quickly. This can speed up the process of investigating the account for violating the policies of the platform. However, keep in mind that the account will only get a warning if Instagram concludes that it has violated the guidelines.

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