What Does the Grey X Next to A Snapchat Name Mean 2022?

Recently, many Snapchat users have noticed a weird grey X icon in their Snapchat conversation next to users’ names.

This little X icon has put users to scratch their heads. So, what does this actually mean?

Snapchat has really cool emojis to describe a friend on Chats. However, this grey x icon has confused people a lot. And, it hasn’t been mentioned anywhere about this icon.

After personal testing and research, we have come to a certain conclusion that we’ve discussed below. Let’s find out what this x icon means on Snapchat.

Meaning of Little Grey X Next to A Name on Snapchat Conversation

As of now, the little X icon is seen only on Snapchat Android.

Here’s what it means:

1) You’re no longer on their Friends List. It means they have removed you as a friend.

2) The other reason for this is that you have removed them from your Friends List.

Whenever you try to send a message to a friend that shows a grey X icon next to their name, they will not receive your message. Moreover, you won’t receive anything if they send something.

Earlier, the similar situation is shown as Pending below their name on Snapchat Converstion.

How to Solve This Issue & Remove the X Icon

1) First of all, make sure that you have added them as friends.

2) Find out if they have unadded or removed you from their Friends List. If they have removed you, you can ask them to add you back.

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Once you have checked both of these, the grey X icon will disappear. You may need to relaunch the Snapchat app again.

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