How to Get Rid Of Notes On Instagram

Instagram has been rolling out a new feature called Notes since June. However, it is still in its testing phase. Some selected users are already using this on their Instagram. It may take some time before the notes feature becomes available to all users worldwide.

Many people have shared their thoughts and opinions about it on various social media platforms. With this app update, some people have become a fan of the feature while others didn’t like it.

Let’s understand what Notes is and find out if you can get rid of it.

Notes Feature on Instagram Explained

Notes on Instagram are temporary messages that users can share with their friends. Your notes will disappear after 24 hours. You can decide with whom you want to share your notes (Close Friends or Followers you follow back).

As of now, you can only share a note containing 60 characters.

Instagram notes appear in the direct message section at the top. So, you can see your friends’ notes in your Direct Messages. Also, your friends will be able to see your notes in their chats section. If a person responds to your note, the response lands in your message box.

Can You Turn OFF Notes on Instagram?

You may be thinking about whether you can get rid of the notes feature on Instagram. As mentioned above, the notes feature is still in the testing phase. So, Instagram can discard the feature if enough people give negative feedback. However, removing the notes feature from Instagram isn’t possible if you’re using the updated version. Maybe, Instagram may provide an option to turn it off in the future.

A much more reliable way to remove the notes feature involves using an older version of the Instagram app. Please note that using an older version may cause you to miss out on other cool features that Instagram may have introduced later.

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