What Does FS Mean On Snapchat

Experienced Snapchat users use many slangs that might appear cryptic to an outsider or a new user on Snapchat. One such slang that confuses a lot of people is FS.

We will cover in this article the most common meanings of the slang FS on Snapchat and other platforms.

Meaning of FS in Chat on Snapchat

1) FS: For Sure

Most people on Snapchat use the term “FS” as an acronym for “For Sure.” Many Instagram and TikTok users also use “FS” to mean the same thing. People mostly write FS in their text messages to show agreement or emphasis.

It is worth noting that there are some variants of the term FS. For instance, people also use “Fs” and “fs” in the place of “FS” to say “for sure.”

Looking at examples of how people use the term “FS” might be helpful.

  • “I’ll see the movie FS”
  •  “I think they are dating, but I don’t know FS”

2) FS: F*cks Sake

Many Snapchat users also use “FS” as a swear. In such cases, FS stands for “f*cks sake.” Many users on Instagram, Facebook, and other text messaging platforms also use FS to mean the same thing. It is a convenient way to show feelings of annoyance, anger, or disbelief.

3) FS: For Sale

People also use “FS” to mean “for sale” on Facebook Marketplace. Many people use FS the same way on other platforms where users buy or sell.

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