Fix: WhatsApp Single Tick But Online

WhatsApp is the most popular social messaging platform with billions of active users worldwide.

Do you know that even an app like WhatsApp faces outages from time to time? Anyway, almost every social media app comes up with a temporary bug.

Recently, many WhatsApp users have reported that it shows their friend’s status as online however the sent message shows a single check mark.

What does this mean? Let’s find it out.

WhatsApp Single Tick But Online Meaning

This is simply a glitch users are facing right now.

WhatsApp shows “Online” status even if someone isn’t using the app.

Someone who has their internet connection turned off, WhatsApp tells you they’re currently online. This is why you’re seeing a single tick on your sent message even if it displays online. They are actually not online if it shows a single check mark. That’s just a glitch.

Single Tick Meaning in WhatsApp: The message has been sent from your end, but the other user hasn’t received it yet. This happens if their internet connection or Wi-Fi is off.

This bug has been there for a week, however, WhatsApp hasn’t yet looked into this bug.

How to Fix

Bugs can’t be fixed at your end. You may need to wait until the WhatsApp Support Team identifies the glitch and fixes it themselves.

Here are some potential fixes you can try:

Close the App: If you’re facing this issue, just close the WhatsApp app, remove it from Recent Apps, then relaunch the app. Now, you won’t see they’re online. This method has been tested using two devices and it works well.

Update the App: The latest version is always free from bugs and glitches. If your app isn’t updated for a long time, try updating it from Google Play Store or App Store. Doing so may fix the bug you’re seeing.

Use WhatsApp Web: If nothing works out, try using WhatsApp web. As of now, the bug seems to appear only in the app.

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