How to Fix: Facebook Search Bar Not Working

Facebook Search helps you to find posts, people, groups, photos, videos, pages, places, events, and marketplace.

What if the search functionality stops working suddenly? Then there might be no reason left to use Facebook.

Take it easy. There are some fixes that you can try out at your end to make it work again.

How to Fix “Search Not Working on Facebook”

Check Your Internet Connection: If your internet is poor, things don’t work as usual while using Facebook. If this was causing an issue, try switch switching your internet connection to a good one.

You can test your internet speed here.

Update the App: It’s important to keep your app updated to the latest version as it always comes up with bug fixes and performance improvements.

Go to Play Store or App Store and see if there’s any update available.

Clear App Cache: Clearing your app cache and data sometimes helps the app to work smoothly. Here’s how to clear cache on Facebook on Android & iOS.

Use Facebook Web: If the search bar isn’t functioning properly on your app, try using the Facebook web on your mobile browser or computer.

Go to, log in with your credential and try using the search bar. It will probably work here.

Wait for Facebook to Fix It: If none of the above methods works for you, you need to wait until Facebook identifies and fixes the bug. If it’s actually a glitch from Facebook, it may be resolved in less than 24 hours.

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  1. FACEBOOK no longer has a button to sue to search your own page. I have tried the search command listed, but it will not recognize posts within even the last 30 days. There used to be a magnifying class icon under the banner. I have a page of local history, in which I archive materials for researchers. Not mush use if the materials cannot be gleaned.

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