How to Get the Facebook Pride Frames 2022

Every year, the month of June marks the beginning of Pride Month. This allows us to show our love and support for the LGBTQ+ communities.

We can shower our love for them through various social platforms. On Facebook, you can use a Pride Frame around your profile picture.

Here’s how you can use the pride frame on your Facebook profile picture.

How to Use Pride Month Frame On Your Facebook Profile Picture

This works on both Android & iPhone.

Step 1: Launch the Facebook app on your device.

Step 2: Tap the three lines in the top right corner (on Android) and bottom right (on iPhone).

Step 3: Tap your name.

Step 4: Tap your profile picture.

Step 5: A menu will then appear from the bottom. Select Add frame.

Step 6: Search for “FB Pride” using the search bar.

You will see two options that you can choose from. The first one has a pride ring around your profile photo while the other one has pride waves over your photo.

Step 7: Select any one of them.

You will now see the framed photo preview.

Step 8: Tap SAVE in the top-right to set it as your profile picture.

Note: If you don’t want to share the profile picture update on News Feed, uncheck the option that says “Share your update to News Feed” at the bottom.

If you want to set the profile photo as temporary for a certain duration of time, tap Make temporary at the bottom of the photo, select the time duration, then tap SAVE. After the duration expires, your profile picture will be reverted back to the previous original photo you had earlier.

If you haven’t set the duration, here’s how to remove the frame from your Facebook profile picture.

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