Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A DM in 2022?

Most of you might prefer Instagram DMs instead of other social applications for having a conversation with your friends. No doubt, Instagram’s direct messages with beautiful chat themes are an awesome way to connect with people.

Do you sometimes feel like screenshotting a message from one of your chats on Instagram DMs? You might want to capture some of the funny moments from the chat so that you can see them later if for any reason the chat gets destroyed.

Now, a question might arise in your mind “Is the other person notified if I screenshot a DM?” This is what you’ll be discovering in this article.

Quick Answer
Instagram won’t notify if you screenshot normal text messages, photos, videos, or voice notes.
2) If you screenshot a disappearing photo or video, the sender will be notified about the same.
3) If you are in a Vanish Mode and you take a screenshot, the other user is notified immediately.

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Can You Screenshot Instagram DMs Without Notifying Them?

Have you screenshotted a conversation on Instagram DM and are now worried if the sender would be notified?

The good news is they won’t be notified if you take a screenshot of your chat. You can take as many screenshots of your chat and Instagram will never let them know you did so.

However, there’s a catch!

If both of you are chatting in a Vanish Mode and any of you take a screenshot of text messages, photos, or videos, Instagram will notify both of you on the chat itself.

If you take a screenshot, the message “You took a screenshot” will be displayed on your chat, and “your-username took a screenshot” will be displayed on the other side.

If you have no idea about what Vanish Mode is and how to enable it, you can learn more about it here.

You are free to screenshot on a normal DM without notifying the sender. However, in a Vanish Mode (where messages disappear once they are seen and the chat is closed), you must avoid taking screenshots if you have the fear of being caught.

One more thing to note is, even if you are in a normal chat and you screenshot disappearing photos or videos, the sender would know you took a screenshot of the sent ‘View Once’ photo or video.


Screenshotting a chat is a fun way to capture some of the highlighting moments from the entire conversation. However, you should use it in a legal way respecting the other user’s privacy.

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