Does Blocking Someone On Instagram Delete Messages 2022?

Many people wonder whether blocking someone on Instagram deletes their previous message threads with that person. We will explain the answer in this article. 

Sometimes we do not want to get messages from certain individuals or get our profiles seen by some users. To meet this need, most social media platforms offer Block features to their users. Instagram also allows you to block someone if you wish to do so.

You can block people on Instagram with whom you do not want to communicate or interact. Instagram does not notify people when they get blocked. This is done to ensure the privacy of users who block them.

Does Blocking Delete Messages on Instagram?

The short answer to your question is NO.

Instagram does not delete the already communicated messages in your Inbox when you block a person. These messages will remain intact until you decide to delete them.

However, you cannot send further messages to a person you have blocked on Instagram. Remember the blocking feature works both ways. To send blocked person messages, you first need to unblock them.

When you block a person, their likes and comments on your posts get deleted. Their interactions will not appear even if you decide to unblock them later. 

Here’s what your Direct Message Inbox looks like when you block someone.

You can see in the screenshot above that the previous conversation still exists. The messages aren’t deleted even if the user is blocked.

However, you can’t send them a new message while they are blocked as the text box is disabled.

To unblock them, tap the Unblock option that appears inside the chat at the bottom. Or if you wish to delete the entire chat, you can do so by tapping Delete.

Note: Once the entire chat is deleted, you can’t restore it back.

On the other hand, the blocked user’s chat will remain as usual. They will be able to type and send new messages, however, they won’t be deliverable to you.

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