How to Create Shortcut On Snapchat For Streaks

Snapchat has introduced streaks to increase the time users spend on their platform. However, the feature can be beneficial for users. It makes people commit to exchanging snaps with their friends and loved ones every 24 hours. It can work as an incentive for users to interact more with their friends and loved ones.

Like many other Snapchat users, you may find getting high Snapstreak scores a challenging but fun game. Creating a streak shortcut on Snapchat will make it easy for you to send a snap to multiple streak partners simultaneously. It can help you to get high streak scores on Snapchat. It happens because you are more likely to send snaps when sending snaps is easy.

The below guide will show you how to create a shortcut on Snapchat for Streaks.

Step1: Capture any snap.

Step2: Tap the send icon in the bottom-right of the snap. You will see a list showing all of your Snapchat friends.

Step3: Tap the Create Shortcuts option appearing at the top of the screen. You may need to first tap on the search bar to reveal the option. The option will appear below the search bar.

Step4: Choose an Emoji for the streak shortcut that you like.

Step5: Select your Snapchat friends with whom you are maintaining Snapchat streaks. After you finish adding people to the list, tap the Create Shortcut option at the bottom of the screen.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a streak shortcut on Snapchat. Note that you can always edit the members listed in the streak shortcut.

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