Can You Remove Followers On Clubhouse?

Are some random users following you on Clubhouse and do you want them to be removed from your followers’ list?

There could be many reasons why you don’t want someone to follow you. Your followers might be inactive or you don’t want to interact with them anymore. Well, the reason could be any. But the question is, can you remove them from your followers’ list?

Unlike Instagram, Clubhouse has no feature to remove your followers directly. But, there is some workaround for this which is explained below.

You can block them which will remove them from your followers’ list. As of now, this is the only way to remove your followers.

How to Block Someone On Clubhouse

Step 1: Visit the user’s profile whom you want to block.

Step 2: Tap the three dots in the top-right corner.

Step 3: Click the Block option.

A confirmation message will appear which says, “This will prevent them from entering rooms where you are a speaker, and we’ll warn you about room where they are speaking”. Tap BLOCK.

The user will now be blocked.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Clubhouse

  • The user will be removed from your followers list.
  • If you are following them, they will be removed from your following list too and they can’t see you in their followers list.
  • If the blocked user has already followed you, they can still see you in their following list.
  • If you block someone, they will be prevented from entering rooms where you are a speaker.


How do you remove the following in Clubhouse?

On your profile, tap the following which will list all the people you have followed. Now, tap the Following button to unfollow them.

Does Clubhouse automatically follow your contacts?

No, Clubhouse does not follow your contacts automatically. You need to follow them manually.

If you block someone on Clubhouse will they know?

Clubhouse doesn’t notify if you block someone on Clubhouse. However, they can know by checking their followers list. If you have blocked them, you will no longer be seen on their followers list.

Can you follow someone who blocked you on Clubhouse?

No, you can’t follow someone who blocked you.

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