Can Someone See If You Search Them On Instagram 2022?

In the world of social media, looking out for a person is quite an easy task. Without even starting a conversation, or engaging with their posts, you can easily see their updates and everything that’s going on in their life.

To be precise, stalking someone on Instagram has become easy. But the question is, ‘Will they know if you search them and check their profile?’

Let’s discover whether the other person would be notified if you search them on Instagram.

If You Search Someone On Instagram Will They Know?

The quick answer to this question is NO.

One of the aspects of Instagram is that you can easily stalk people innocently and anonymously without coming to the direct notice of the user. Instagram does not send any notification to the user if you search them.

With the availability of limited choices, it’s quite hard to find out who is searching for you on Instagram and similar goes with you. 

If the profiles of the users are public, you can easily scroll through their feed and have a look at the photos they’ve posted. They will never know you have visited their profile unless you engage with their posts or end up following them.

What Are the Things You Can Do Without Getting Caught? 

See Their Profile: You can easily stalk their profile without getting caught. Instagram will not send any notifications and the person you search for will never know about it.

For a public account, you can view their profile picture and bio, see the people they are following and their followers. You can also have a glimpse at their story highlights and the posts where they’ve been tagged.

However, for a private account, you can only have a look at their bio and profile picture.

View Their Posts: If their profile is public, you can scroll through their feed and see the photos, videos, and reels they have shared. You can even browse through the comments under their posts and see who has liked their posts.

The user will never know that you’ve viewed their posts.

What You Should Avoid? 

Although there are no direct ways for someone to find out if you search them on Instagram, there are certain signs that help them get the indication. To have a sneak-peek into their profile, without getting caught, you need to avoid certain things.

Here’s what you should avoid otherwise these may indicate that you’ve been stalking them.

Watching Stories: Like all other platforms, Instagram stories show the ‘Viewers List’. Avert watching stories while stalking a profile because your username will appear in their list which will clearly indicate you’ve been looking at their profile. 

Liking and Commenting: If you are going through their posts, make sure to avoid the engagement on their posts. One can easily see the list of users who liked and commented on their posts, indicating your anonymous stalk. 

Avoiding these mistakes while you’re viewing someone’s profile will keep you completely anonymous. They will never know you’ve searched them and stalked at their profile.

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