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Best Virtual Stock Trading App India: Are you looking forward to make some investment in Stocks? But worried about how to get started as a beginner.

It is always said that the Stock Market is a risky investment. But the truth is when we take it as a long term game it proves to be the best wealth creation strategy.

Before investing in stocks, you must ensure that you are well aware of the fundamental analysis of any stock that you are going to purchase. You should have a basic knowledge of investment and the various terms used in it.

But as a beginner, you always have a fear in mind whether you will make a profit in your investment or not.

In this case, you should definitely try out some of the best virtual trading app for practice which will help beginners to learn the basics for free. These apps will allow you to learn the basics of the Stock Market and its other basic fundamentals.

Most of these apps provide free virtual money that you can use to pick your favorite stocks so that you can start the investment. They are almost similar to the real stock trading app which allows you to buy and sell stocks absolutely for free.

Through this blog post, I will guide you to use one of those best virtual stock trading apps for beginners and especially for Indian Market. I have personally used the app for a long time and would like to share the same with you. Let’s have a look at the app.

Best Virtual Trading App for Indian Market

The name of the application is Stock Trainer and it costs $0 to use it.

Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading (Stock Markets)

The app is the highest rated (4+) on the Google Play Store with over 50K reviews. It has over 1M downloads and this shows that the application is trustworthy.

Features of Stock Trainer App

1. The interesting feature of this app is that it uses real-world market data to make the investment easier. So you can learn to trade within this amazing application without referring data from other sources.

2. The app is completely free of cost and you have nothing to lose using this. If you are new to the stock market, I highly recommend you download this and learn before entering into the real investment.

3. This is also useful for intermediate or advanced traders or investors to make an experiment with the market using virtual money.

4. The application also has a premium feature which includes ads removal, daily backups, and candlesticks charts. But the free version of the app is absolutely fine to work with.

Click on the link below to download the app.

Download Stock Trainer App

To make everything easier, I have explained below the complete step-by-step guide to use the app. 

How to Use Stock Trainer App

Step1: After you download the app and open it, it will ask you to agree with the terms and conditions. Click on I ACCEPT THE TERMS.

Next, it will redirect you to the Sign-Up page.

It has four options to Sign-Up here.

  • Register Form
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Anonymous 

You can use any of this option to get into the app. If you don’t want to provide any details, click on Anonymous.

The best option is to go with Google Sign in.

Step2: Next, you are asked to select the country in which you want to trade. You also have an option to change accordingly later. So, choose any like India and tap on SELECT.

After doing so, you will be redirected to the main home page. This is how the app interface looks like.

You are given Rs 500K virtual money to trade in stocks. You can find this in the My Account section.

Step3: Now go to the Find Stocks section shown in the upper bar.

On the search bar, type any company of your choice as shown in the image above. Let’s take Reliance as an example. Click on the result displayed after the search.

The screen shows you the complete details about the company. It also displays the chart which will help you to analyze how the stock has performed in previous years. To view the chart in full-screen double-tap the chart.

If you want to buy the stock, click on BUY.

Enter the number of shares you want to purchase and tap on BUY.

If you wish to buy the stock later, you can click on WATCH which will move the stock to the Watchlist section through which you can purchase later anytime.

How to See All The Purchased Stocks 

In the Portfolio section, you can see all your purchased stocks. It shows real-time data and you can watch it live during the market hour. It displays the number of stocks bought and the profits or losses you have made.

 You can also check your transactions and cash balance from the respective tabs displayed in the upper section.

Trading in other country’s Stocks

Click on the 3 bars in the upper left corner and tap on the dropdown icon in the Manage Account tab. Now click on Add\Remove Countries.

Select the country you want to add from the given list and click on SUBMIT CHANGES. You can select as many as you want.

Now you have added the country of your choice. You will get the virtual money again for the selected countries.

If you want to purchase stocks of the country you have chosen, then click on a country flag displayed in the upper section and select the country.

Other procedures to buy the stocks are similar as explained above.

You can switch the country again to see your other investments.

How to Sell Stocks in Stock Trainer 

On your portfolio, click on the stock that you wish to sell.

Scroll below and click on SELL. Enter the number of stocks you want to sell and click on SELL.

You can check your balance in the My Account section and also your transactions in the Transactions tab.

Other Features of Stock Trainer App 

The app also has an option to change the theme, change screen transformation, and magazine language in the Settings section.

If you want to remove ads, you can purchase their premium feature.

This is the complete review of the Stock Trainer App.

Final Thoughts 

I hope now you have got an idea about investment and how this application can help you to understand the basic strategy.

This is one of the best virtual trading app in India for beginners. It’s easy to use feature makes the platform the best trading app.

If you are a newbie to the stock market, I recommend you download the app and learn the basics using the real-time data provided by the app.

If you find this article helpful, please share it with someone who is interested in trading and investment, so that they can also take advantage of this application.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please let me know in the comment section.

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