Top 10 Best Network Marketing Companies in India 2021

You might have heard of the term Network Marketing Companies or Direct Selling Companies or MLM Companies. These terms are almost the same.

Network Marketing Companies offers you an opportunity to make a lot of money. This industry has made possible to earn lacs of rupees.

What is Network Marketing or MLM?

Network Marketing also known as Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) is a type of business model which involves a network of people in a pyramid structure who sell a company’s products or services which in turn gives them a commission.

Direct Selling means selling products directly to the customers without any retailer.

How you make money in Network Marketing or MLM?

As this business model consists of levels or pyramid type of structure, you will make a commission whenever you or people below your level generates a sale by promoting products of a specific company that you are part of.

To become successful in this industry, you must be good at selling and communication skills.

Let us understand the hierarchy of Network Marketing with an example:

If X has a person Y under his network, X will make money whenever he makes a sale and also when Y generates a sale. Now for Y to make more money, he will try to add another person Z under him and the hierarchy goes on. The one at the top level makes the huge commission.

Network Marketing is one of the best ways to generate a passive source of income. You can make money even while you are not working if your down-line continues working to promote the company’s products.

Here is the list of top 10 best Direct Selling Companies, Network Marketing Companies, or MLM Companies in India that you can join to make money. Also, check their official websites before joining any of them.

Not all of them are Indian companies but are foreign companies that operate in India and are trusted by most people.

Disclaimer: The list doesn’t mean the companies at the top are the best ones to join.

Top 10 Best Direct Selling Companies in India (MLM Companies)

1. Amway India:

Amway is one of the oldest network marketing companies in the world.

It is actually an American company founded on November 9, 1959, by Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel. Amway sells a wide range of products like home care, beauty and health products.

“Nutrilite” is one of its most popular brands that include health nutritional supplements.

Amway operates in most countries in the world and is best known for its quality products.

2. Herbalife:

Herbalife is a trusted direct selling company based on the United States and it also operates in India.

The company was founded in 1980 by Mark R. Hughes.

Herbalife is a global company and it produces and sells nutritional supplements.

To join Herbalife, you have to buy a membership kit and you can earn money by promoting products of the company.

3. Modicare:

Modicare is an Indian MLM company founded by Samir Modi in 1973. It is one of the popular network marketing companies.

Modicare offers a wide range of various products including wellness, skincare, personal care, home care, food & beverages and many more.

You can join its program and earn some extra income by promoting the products to your audiences.

4. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited:

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is an Indian direct selling company (Chennai) founded in 2013. It is very popular in recent times in India.

It provides a range of quality lifestyle products that are required in day to day life.

You need no investment to join the company but have to purchase products of Rs1000 after a successful registration.

Once you become a distributor of the company, you can start promoting the products to earn a commission.

5. Forever Living:

Forever Living is an American direct selling company founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan. The company’s revenue was $1.36 Cr in 2018 and has about 10M MLM distributors.

This company operates in various parts of the world. It is widely known for its aloe-vera based drinks and bee-derived cosmetics. It also sells personal care and nutritional products.

You have to become a Forever Business Owner member and you can buy products to sell products to your target audience.

6. Oriflame:

Oriflame is a global multi-level marketing company founded in Sweden founded by Jonas af Jochnick, Robert af Jochnick, Bengt Hellsten in the year 1967.

It has products including cosmetics, skincare, fragrances, personal and hair care.

You can purchase the products from their official website without a direct seller.

You can register for the company and start selling the products to make profits. You will also get benefits after reaching a higher number of sales.

7. RCM:

RCM is a direct selling company founded by Mark Moser in 1982. It is one of the most popular companies in India.

RCM Company’s products include fashions, footwear, personal care, health care, home & kitchen, household, foods & grocery, etc.

Once you register to join the company, you can start promoting the products to your customers and earn income on every sale made. Moreover, the company also offers a bonus called Royalty Bonus.

8. 4Life:

4Life is an American based network marketing company founded in 1998 by David Lisonbee, Bianca Lisonbee.

4Life offers health supplements products and most popular body transformation products.

As a distributor, you can purchase products and resell to your customers earning up to 33% commission. It also has Life Rewards Plan which will help you to increase your income.

9. Vestige:

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd is a leading direct selling MLM company. It has started its operation from the year 2004.

It offers various product categories like personal care, home care, oral care, health food, business tools, and Agri products.

After you join the company, you can earn money by promoting products to the people. The company also gives bonus offers according to your downline.

10. Avon:

Avon is a UK based MLM company founded by David H. McConnell. It has over 6M representatives. According to the 2018 report, its revenue is estimated at $550 Cr.

The company’s products include skincare, fashion, jewelry, wellness, and fragrance products.

After joining the company, you can promote the company’s products to earn a commission.


Now you might have got an idea about the top 10 best direct selling companies or MLM companies or best network marketing companies in India.

You must always make a wise choice during the selection of a network marketing company. There are many fraud companies out there in the market as the case of eBiz which was declared fraud last year.

This industry is also on the boom in recent times and you can make a lot of money by registering in one of the trusted companies listed above.

I suggest you to properly research a trusted company before you join any network marketing company.

I hope you find this article helpful. Also, share with your friends or colleagues if this can help them.

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