How to Ask Questions On Instagram Story

Instagram allows users to interact with each other in creative ways using music, links, and GIFs in stories. Now, users can ask questions on Instagram stories instead of the usual likes and comments. These techniques have helped users to build up engagements.

There’s an IG Story question sticker that allows users to ask questions to followers. You can also invite other users to ask questions to which you can respond with a new story.

The responses you get from followers are only visible to you. There is complete privacy as their username and photo won’t appear even when you share their response in a story.

Asking Questions on Instagram stories is preferable as it helps build engagement and feels less invasive than DMs. Asking questions using stickers, emoji sliders, and polls stickers are very creative options on Instagram.

How to Ask Questions On Instagram Story Using “QUESTIONS” Sticker

Here, we guide you on how to use the Instagram Stories question sticker with a few easy steps. It helps you to connect with your fans and friends.

Step1: Open Instagram on your mobile device.

Step2: Go to the Instagram Stories feature. Either tap the camera icon button that appears in the upper-left corner or just swipe right.

Step3: Pick a photo from the gallery or record a video.

Step4: Tap the stickers icon to get further options.

Step5: Tap the Questions sticker.

Step6: Once Question stickers open, tap ask me a question and type your question.

Step7: Tap the color wheel available at the top of the screen. You have the option to change the color of your question sticker too.

Step8: Tap Done.

Step9: Resize and rotate question stickers just like any other Instagram story element.

Step10: Add stickers, gifs, or music to Instagram Story as usual.

Step 12: Now, publish your Instagram Story.

Your question sticker will only stay live for 24 hours just like other Instagram stories.

How to See the Responses

You can see all responses on your question stickers by watching the Instagram story. You need to swipe up on the screen and tap the responses to share it as a new Instagram story. You can also delete the response if you don’t like it.

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