How to Do Anonymous Questions On Instagram

Instagram does not have an anonymous questions sticker. The platform only allows the usual questions sticker, which reveals the identity of the person who responds to it. The anonymous question stickers you may have seen on Instagram are most certainly fake.

Here is how a person can use a fake anonymous questions sticker on Instagram.

How to Use Fake Anonymous Questions Sticker on Instagram

Step1: Launch the Instagram app and open the story creation screen. You can access the story creation screen by swiping right on the screen and selecting the Story option in the bottom menu. Alternatively, tap the plus icon in the top-right corner and choose Story.

Step2: Choose a photo for the background of your question sticker. You can select a picture from your device or take a new one.

Step3: Tap the Sticker icon in the top-right of the corner and select the QUESTIONS sticker. The sticker icon will look like a smiley face on a half-peeled sticker.

Step4: The questions sticker comes with the default question, “Ask me a question.” However, you can replace it with your particular questions. To fake an anonymous question, insert a disclaimer in the sticker to the effect that [your username] would not see the identity of people who ask questions. You can also rotate the question sticker or adjust its location or size on the story.

Step5: Tap Your Story to share the post on your story.

People can respond to your question by typing their answers in the text box of the sticker.  Many people see the false Anonymous disclaimer and fall for it. To view the people’s responses on your question sticker, open the story with the sticker and swipe up on it.

You will see all the responses to your question sticker together with the usernames of the people. You can reply to the asked questions in two ways.

You can send your reply in the DM of the person who asked the question. Alternatively, you can share their reply publicly on your story. The person’s username does not appear when you share your reply to their question on your story. You can access both options by tapping the questions asked by users on your question sticker

You may still find the information about the fake anonymous questions useful even if you do not plan to use it. It will prevent you from falling for fake anonymous question stickers on other users’ Instagram stories.

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