How to Add Wedding Song On Instagram Story [2022]

During this Valentine’s Week, you might have noticed people flooding their stories with their wedding songs.

As Valentine’s Day is approaching closer, a new trend is taking over on Instagram which is especially for married couples.

People are celebrating love with their partners with the “Wedding Song Trend”. This involves sharing your wedding photo with the wedding song playing in the background.

If you’re a married couple and want to join the trend, here’s how you can do it.

How to Add A Wedding Song to Your Instagram Story

All you need to do is add your wedding song, artist and the album artwork with the song playing in the background. You can have your wedding photo as a background image.

Step 1: Lanch the Instagram app on your device and create a new story by swiping right on your home feed screen. Else you can tap Your story in the upper left corner.

Step 2: Select your wedding photo as the background image.

Step 3: Tap the Stickers icon at the top s shown in the screenshot below.

Step 4: Select the MUSIC sticker.

Step 5: Search for your wedding song using the search bar and select it.

Step 6: Now, tap the screen to change the way song displays. Keep tapping until it shows the album artwork, the song name and the artist.

Step 7: Select the part of the song you want to play in the background. This can be done using the slider at the bottom.

Step 8: Once it’s completed, tap Done in the upper right corner.

Step 9: Now, you can post it to your story by tapping Your story in the bottom left corner of the screen.

This is how you can share the wedding song to your Instagram story and make the Valentine’s Week special.

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