How to Add Pronouns to Your Instagram Bio

On 11th May 2021, Instagram wrote on Twitter, that you can now add pronouns to your profile which will help you to describe your gender identity on the platform.

With this new feature, you can add up to 4 pronouns to your profile which will be displayed to the right of your name on your profile.

This small step of introducing a new feature will help to make the platform better. However, the feature is not made available in all the countries. It is limited to a few countries which are not disclosed by Instagram. They said they are planning to roll out the feature to all countries in the near future.

As of now, Instagram has a fixed set of pronouns that can be added to your profile. It has no option to add custom pronouns. However, we can expect Instagram to expand the list of pronous in the future.

Most Instagram users have already started taking the advantage of this feature to let others know how to refer them by adding gender identity pronouns to their profile.

Haven’t you tried this new feature yet? Here is the complete guide to adding pronouns to your profile?

How to Add Pronouns to Your Instagram Profile

The feature is only available on the mobile app. Currently, there is no feature to add pronouns in the web version of Instagram.

Image: Instagram

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and go to your profile by tapping your profile icon in the bottom-right corner.

Step 2: Once you’re on your profile page, tap Edit Profile.

Step 3: Just below your Display Name, tap Pronouns.

Step 4: Start typing the pronouns (she, her, or he) and Instagram will show suggestions below. Tap the suggestions of your choice. You can add up to four pronouns.

There’s also an option that says, Show to Followers Only. If you want the pronouns to be seen by your followers only, tap the toggle button to turn it blue. This will hide your pronouns being seen by everyone except your followers.

Step 5: Now, tap Done in the top right corner.

Step 6: Save the settings by tapping the Done or icon in the top right section of the Edit Profile page.

The pronoun will now be displayed right beside your display name.

How to Remove Pronouns from Your Instagram Profile

Removing pronouns from your profile takes just a few clicks. Follow the steps mentioned below to remove them.

To remove the added pronouns, go to the Pronouns option on the Edit Profile page, then tap the x icon to the right of added pronouns and tap Done.

Request More Pronouns on Instagram

Currently, Instagram only supports pronouns that are listed below:

  • she/her/hers
  • he/him/his
  • they/them/theirs
  • ze/zir/zir
  • zie/hir/hir
  • per/per/pers
  • xe/xem/xyr
  • fae/faer/faer
  • ve/ver/vis
  • vi/vir/vis
  • e/ey/em/eir

However, you can request more pronouns in Instagram’s Help Center.

To do so, open the link given above in your browser, enter the pronouns you want Instagram to add them, enter your username in the mentioned field, then tap Send.

Not all the pronouns requested by the users will be added, Instagram will select the appropriate ones and add them to the pronouns list.

Why Can’t I Add Pronouns On Instagram

Currently, adding Pronouns to an Instagram profile is only available in a few countries. It may be available in countries like the US, the UK & Canada.

If you are from countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Ireland, New Zealand, and more, the Pronouns feature may not be available. However, Instagram will soon be rolling out the feature in all the countries.

So, you need to wait for the global rollout of the feature so that you can add gender identity pronouns to your profile.

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