How to Add A Link On Instagram Story

Instagram users can add a link to their Instagram stories. The ability to add links to Instagram stories is extremely useful. It helps creators and businesses on Instagram better engage with their audiences. But it is not only the creators and business accounts on Instagram that can reap benefits from the Instagram Story link feature.

We will explain in this article how anybody can add a link to their Instagram stories.

Can You Add a Link to Instagram Story Without 10K Followers?

Yes, you can easily add a link to your Instagram stories even if your account does not have 10k followers on Instagram. But this was not always the case. When Instagram first rolled out the Stories link feature, it was only available for users with either verified accounts or more than 10k followers on Instagram.

However, many Instagram users with small account sizes also felt the need for the Stories link feature. Over time Instagram realized this and responded by allowing all Instagram users to use the Stories link feature. Now any Instagram user can reap the benefits of using the Stories link feature regardless of their account size.

How to Share Links On Instagram Story (LINK Sticker)

Follow the below guide to share links on your Instagram story using the Link sticker.

Step1: Launch Instagram and tap on the Plus icon.

Step2: Choose the Story option among other options like Reel, Post, or Live.

Step3: Create your story by either capturing something new on camera or uploading content from your media.

Step4: Tap on the sticker icon at the top of the Instagram interface to reveal the sticker tray.

Step5: Select the LINK sticker.

Step6: Add the link in the URL field and tap Done.

Like all other Instagram stickers, you can resize or locate the position of the LINK sticker on your Story as you wish. You can also change the color of the Link sticker by tapping on it.

Please note that users can only use the Link sticker on Instagram stories. So, you cannot add a link to your regular Instagram posts.

If you cannot access the Instagram link sticker, try updating the Instagram app. Also, it is important to note that the Link sticker does not appear on new Instagram accounts or accounts that violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

Users violate the Community Guidelines when they spread hate speech, spread misinformation, or do some other things that are forbidden on Instagram. You can read the Instagram Community Guidelines to know more about what Instagram does not want its users to do.

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