How to Accept Collaboration Request On Instagram

The Instagram collab feature has made collaborating on Instagram easier than ever. You can use this feature to collab with another user to share a post and Reel. When you collab with someone on an Instagram post or Reel, your name appears with the other person on the shared content.

Note that the shared content will appear on the profiles of both involved parties. It is worth noting that you can only collaborate with one person on Instagram at a time. The collaborated Reel or post will appear in the followers’ feeds of both involved parties.

We will explain in this article how to accept collaboration requests on Instagram.

Accept Collab requests from Instagram Users

Step1: Open your Instagram DM and find the collaboration invitation from another user in your DM. When somebody sends you a collaboration request on Instagram, you get a notification for the same in your DM.

Step2: Tap View Invite to go to the post for which the other person wants to collaborate with you.

Step3: Tap Review in the bottom-right corner of the post.

Step4: Select Accept to approve the collaboration request.

You have successfully accepted the collaboration request on Instagram. Now your username will start appearing with the original author of the post. The post will also appear on your profile and followers’ feeds.

You can also stop being a collab author of an Instagram post if you later change your mind. Here is how you can stop sharing a collaboration post on Instagram.

Stop Sharing Collab Posts on Instagram

Step1: Open the post for which you no longer want to be a collaborator.

Step2: Hit the three-dotted menu in the top-right corner of the collab post.

Step3: Select Stop Sharing.

Step4: Choose Stop Sharing to confirm your decision.

You have successfully removed yourself as a collaborator of the post. Your username will no longer appear next to the author of the post. Also, it will stop appearing on your profile and followers’ feeds.

If you want to request other users to collab with you on Instagram, follow the below guide.

How to Request Someone to Collab on Instagram

You need a public Instagram account to send collaboration invitations to other users. However, the other person does not need to have a public account to accept your collaboration invitation.

Step1: Create a new Reel or post on Instagram and go to the page where the option to publish it appears.

Step2: Select Tag People, then choose Invite Collaborator.

Step3: Select the username you want to collaborate with on the Reel or post. You can use the search bar to look for the username.

Step4: Share the Reel or post on Instagram as you usually do.

The other user will become your collaborator on the post or Reel if they decide to approve your collab invitation.

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